The Clean and Pure Water filtration system does not “soften” your water. Most people buy water softeners to reduce scaling on appliances and pipes caused by calcium in the water. With a water softener, the calcium ions are swapped with sodium ions because sodium doesn’t build up on pipes. When water passes through the Water filtration system it changes the molecular structure of the calcium so that it is not as “sticky” and could reduce the amount of scaling you experience. Our water filtration systems do not replace a water softener if one is required due to hard water.  For hard water solutions our CP WS 3000, salt free water softener is the preferred solution.

Clean and Pure whole home water filtration is an easy installation process with the help of a Clean and Pure Water licensed plumber, and requires no electricity or back-flushing. It installs where your water line enters your home and will take approximately 40 minutes to install.

No maintenance required. No changing filters because there is no filter only the carbon granular mix. No drain required.

Unlike single source water filtration (e.g., under counter systems), whole home water filtration systems are designed to be installed where water enters the home. This way every source of water in the house is filtered. What many people don’t know is that our bodies absorb many more chemicals through our skin than we do from drinking a glass of unfiltered tap water. When taking a shower or bath, the hot water opens the skin’s pores, allowing even more absorption of chemicals to take place. Additionally, whole home water filters dramatically improve the air quality in your home by taking chemicals out of your water that normally would evaporate when cooking, using the dishwasher and cleaning your clothes.

The whole home water filtration system is installed at the point where the main water supply enters the home (the point of entry), delivering filtered water to all subsequent outlets.

97.5% of chlorine is removed from our Whole Home Filtration system.

Yes. The carbon granular mix will require 24 to 30 hours of use before reaching full efficiency. You should run the water through your pipes until this clears.